By Matthew Chadder

1st Jun, 2023 | 9:10pm

Leeds: Simon Jordan hits out at Leeds United fans over Andrea Radrizzani response today

Simon Jordan has defended Andrea Radrizzani after the Leeds United owner came under fire from supporters over reports he offered to use Elland Road as collateral to secure a loan for his Sampdoria takeover.

According to a bombshell report in the Athletic (1 June), the Whites chairman is said to have gone behind the backs of his fellow directors and 49ers Enterprises by co-signing an agreement in principle to put up the stadium as security for a £26million bridging loan in his rescue bid of the relegated Serie A side.

Radrizzani responded to say it was “none of your business” but the news left Leeds fans furious. Former Crystal Palace owner Jordan leapt to the Italian’s defence, though.

Speaking on talkSPORT (1 June), Jordan said “He was the lightning rod to get Leeds out of this awful slump and funk that they were in for sixteen years. He brought (Marcelo) Bielsa back, he paid him Premier League money whilst being in the Championship and he is a smooth operator.

“He will take all the praise for that, which he probably didn’t get that much praise for, but now he will take all the brickbats for the decline of Leeds United. It is a little bit unfair.

“It is Leeds fans’ business because they are emotionally invested, but when it comes down to it, it is not their business because they don’t own it, he does.”

Understandable anger

It is hard to not feel sympathy for Leeds fans and understand the anger over the current situation. This news has come out days after relegation from the Premier League, which also would have left fans upset and angry.

While Jordan does have a point in the sense that Leeds fans do not have a say on a matter such as this, it doesn’t take away their right to be angry.

A football team’s stadium is a home for many fans. It is where they come together every other week to share a united passion and enjoyment, and to see it be used as collateral would be extremely hurtful.

Fans are the heartbeat of a football club, and while they do not have any ownership over the assets of a club, without them the club would not exist. Therefore, fans’ feelings and thoughts should be considered, especially in a decision and situation as complex as this one.

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