By Dave Woods

31st Jul, 2019 | 6:25pm

Leeds fans react to £3.5m Peacock-Farrell deal

Leeds have reportedly agreed a £3.5m deal to sell goalkeeper Bailey Peacock-Farrell to Premier League Burnley – and plenty of Leeds fans are happy to see him go.

That stems from two root causes – the first is that some fans just don’t think he’s good enough. Counter to that argument is the fact that a Premier League side is set to buy him for a decent sum of money and, according to journalist Graham Smyth, Burnley weren’t the only top-flight side looking at him.

The second is what some fans see as arrogance after the 22-year-old delivered a ‘play me or sell me’ ultimatum to Leeds despite not being the first-choice keeper.

In fact, not being first choice was his main beef at the club, with Peacock-Farrell keen to keep his place in the Northern Ireland side.

Hopefully he’ll leave with the best wishes of the fans. The £3.5m can bring a decent replacement goalkeeper in, although some fans are still hoping it will be used to fund a striker and/or a centre-back. That seems less likely at this point in the transfer window, with manager Marcelo Bielsa showing no signs of wanting any more players before Peacock-Farrell’s departure.

Here are the best reactions from Leeds fans: