By Dave Woods

8th Jul, 2019 | 6:50am

Jansson set to join Brentford

Well, this escalated quickly.

Last week, we wrote about how the mystery was deepening over the late return to the club of centre-back Pontus Jansson, amid speculation of a bust-up with Marcelo Bielsa.

He was due back at the club on July 12 but now it looks like Jansson won’t be returning at all.

Local journalist Phil Hay posted some messages on his personal Twitter account over the weekend that state Jansson is on his way out, citing a “broken down” relationship between club and player.

There’s a £5.5million bid in for him from an unnamed English club (revealed later by BBC journalist Adam Pope to be Brentford) with Hay saying the deal would go through on Monday.

Pope said the Brentford deal was pending a medical and that it would be announced this week.

We might never hear the truth behind what happened from either side but there are a few obvious issues that come from this.

  1. Jansson needs to go
    We’re not apportioning blame here but if the relationship has broken down between club and player then Jansson needs to go. Side before self is the key motto here. Leeds are in a strong position to win promotion next season and the club needs all players on message. The fact this deal looks set to go through so quickly shows the situation was irreconcilable – and it’s a step down for Jansson who harboured ambitions of playing in the Premier League.
  2. Bielsa on board
    If Bielsa wanted Jansson to stay then there would have been a very different outcome to this. The report from Football Insider about a bust-up between the two now seems to be absolutely spot-on, despite being derided by Peter Jansson (Pontus Jansson’s brother). Jansson is a popular figure at the club but Bielsa is the man. He sees players as cogs in the machine and Jansson obviously doesn’t fit any more.
  3. Who will replace him?
    Jansson is a good centre-back. He might have gone missing occasionally but he was a towering presence at the back for Leeds. He’s not irreplaceable though – that’s just talk from emotive fans. Phil Hay says that Bielsa is a “massive fan” of new signing Ben White and it looks like White/Cooper will be the starting pair at centre-back next season. With Aapo Halme gone, though, we would expect Leeds to sign another centre-back before the start of the campaign.