By Dave Woods

22nd Aug, 2019 | 3:48pm

Durham: Phillips good enough for England

Adrian Durham has heaped praise on Leeds midfielder Kalvin Phillips after watching him play against Brentford on Wednesday night. 

Phillips put in an absolutely brilliant performance, showing off his long and short-range passing, bossing the midfield, and generally keeping Leeds moving forward and the defence protected.

He was the highest-rated player on WhoScored with a 7.8 score, just ahead of centre-back Ben White.

Writing after the game, Durham said he was a Premier League-player-in-waiting and that if he was playing in the top-flight, he’d be in the England squad.

“Kalvin Phillips is a Premier League player waiting to happen,” Durham said.

“He sits in front of the defence controlling everything, he always wants the ball, he sets the tempo, he smells the danger, he’s always on the cover, he finds the pass, and that pass is usually forward. I honestly believe if he was in the top flight, he’d be in the England squad, he’s THAT good. He can take a decent corner too.”

Leeds fans were worried that he was going to be snapped up by a Premier League side this summer, with both Aston Villa and Wolves linked.

There was huge relief when he stayed on although he still hasn’t signed a new contract. His current deal is up in 2021 and we imagine he’s going to wait to see what happens with Leeds this season. If we get promoted then Phillips will play in the top-flight with us. If not, he’s liable to be there with someone else.