By Craig Scott

24th May, 2023 | 3:40pm

Chat GPT has painted a grim picture for Leeds United if they are relegated from the Premier League this weekend.

According to the artificial intelligence, the Whites’ financial situation will be hit heavily by dropping into the Championship, which could happen even if they beat Tottenham at Elland Road on Sunday (28 May).

AI claims that Leeds would have to sell a number of players in order to balance the books due to the financial gulf between the top division and the second tier.

Away from the squad, Chat GPT warns that sponsorship deals could also be terminated as Leeds, commercially, wouldn’t be as attractive in the Championship as they have been in the Premier League for the last three seasons.

MOT Leeds News asked Chat GPT to explain the financial impact of being relegated for Leeds and here is what it said:

Leeds United, a historically renowned football club, made a triumphant return to the Premier League in 2020 after a 16-year absence. However, in the fiercely competitive world of English football, relegation is an ever-looming possibility for any club, including Leeds United. In this article, we will delve into the potential financial implications that may arise if Leeds were to suffer the setback of relegation from the Premier League.

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Broadcasting Revenue

The primary revenue stream for Premier League clubs stems from broadcasting rights. The league’s lucrative TV deals provide a substantial financial cushion for top-tier teams. However, relegation would instantly sever Leeds United’s access to the Premier League’s broadcasting revenue. The club would be relegated to the Championship, where broadcasting income is significantly lower. Consequently, Leeds would experience a substantial decrease in revenue, potentially impacting their financial stability.

Player Wages and Squad Restructuring

Leeds United’s Premier League status has allowed them to attract quality players and pay competitive wages. Relegation would likely result in a need to restructure the squad, as several players may seek moves to remain in the top flight. Additionally, the financial burden of high player wages may become increasingly challenging for the club to sustain in the Championship. Leeds would need to negotiate new contracts with players or potentially part ways with those whose salaries are no longer sustainable.

Loss of Sponsorship and Commercial Income

A major consequence of relegation would be the potential loss of sponsorship and commercial income. Companies are generally more inclined to associate themselves with Premier League clubs due to the global exposure and increased visibility the league provides. If Leeds United were relegated, their commercial appeal may diminish, leading to renegotiations or even the termination of sponsorship agreements. Merchandise sales could also decline as fan engagement may be impacted by the club’s drop in status.

Matchday Revenue

Matchday revenue represents a crucial income stream for football clubs, with ticket sales, hospitality, and other matchday-related activities contributing significantly to overall revenue. Relegation from the Premier League would likely result in reduced attendance and a decline in matchday income for Leeds United. The Championship generally attracts lower average attendances compared to the Premier League, affecting ticket sales and hospitality revenue. This decrease in matchday income could place additional strain on the club’s finances.

Financial Parachute Payments

The Premier League operates a parachute payment system to assist relegated clubs in managing the financial challenges of dropping down a division. These parachute payments, spread over a few years, aim to soften the blow by providing financial support. However, the parachute payments gradually decrease over time, and by the third year, they are significantly reduced. While these payments offer some respite, Leeds United would still face financial difficulties and a need for prudent financial planning to navigate the aftermath of relegation.

Rebuilding and Promotion Aspirations

Relegation can present an opportunity for clubs to rebuild and regain their position in the Premier League. Leeds United has a passionate fan base and a committed owner in Andrea Radrizzani, who has shown ambition and financial backing. The club’s aim would be to secure an immediate return to the top flight, as achieving promotion from the Championship can offer a financial boost. However, the Championship is a fiercely competitive league, and promotion is far from guaranteed.


Relegation from the Premier League would undoubtedly have significant financial ramifications for Leeds United. The loss of broadcasting revenue, potential decreases in sponsorship and commercial income, reduced matchday revenue, and the need for squad restructuring would present formidable challenges. However, with prudent financial management, a supportive owner, and a strong fan base, Leeds United would have the foundation to rebuild and strive for a swift return to the Premier League. The resilience and determination of the club, combined with effective financial planning, would be crucial in weathering the storm and aiming for a brighter future.

In other Leeds United news, initial talks have been held for Marc Roca to quit Elland Road already.